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After the success of the two first editions of the ‘poetic machine’, we are looking for fundings to develop a portable and fully eco-friendly product of Attachment.

For the last couple of years we have have been exhibiting the machine all around the world at events, exhibitions and festivals. We have received great feedbacks and met enthusiastic people who are willing to see this project becoming an accessible device and service.

This project - which has been nominated for several awards - was realised has an alternative to daily communication tools by bringing back serendipity to the ways we meet and interact with each others.

Our aim is to manufacture a plug and play product to gather messages from users and send them in the air via compostable balloons. Our challenges are to make this product compact and autonomous energy wise with no impact on the flora nor the fauna. We would like to develop a solar powered machine with eco-friendly paper balloons inflated with hot air.

We believe that this product could be used during public and private events or sold to corporations, galleries, museums, production companies as a product and service.

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